Serial No.:
Kent Sylven
SPÅNGA, Sweden

Built by SAN in Bernay, France, model 1962.

SE-XGG was restored to its original condition between 1985 and 1988 by the owner Kent Sylvén.

It is a three-seater. M.T.O.W. 750 kg and able to carry just over 350 kg.

Engine: 100 Hp Continental O-200, four-cylinder boxer with dual ignition system.

Fuel consumption approx. 22 liters/hour.

Performance: 190 km/h cruising speed.

Stall speed 85 km/h.

Maximum air time slightly more than 5 hours,

Maximum range without refueling approx. 1000 km.

The take-off run is only 250 meters.

The total flying time for the SE-XGG is approx. 2,000 hours, 900 of them flown by the present owner, Kent Sylvén.

The following countries have been visited with SE-XGG: Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland.