Serial No.:
Rennie Goyette renniego@aol.com

N 257 RJ (D-9 S/N: 763-01) was started in May, 1987 with Pierre Lefort who flew the original prototype (D 9) with Monsieur Joly and Monsieur Delemontez in Beaune (Paris) in 1948. (Pierre insists it was in Dec of 1945).

He being from Paris and retired as General Service Manager Renault U S Pierre talked about building 5 but things changed and Pierre built two with the assistance of several other friends. Pete Waters bought the other one (763-02) from Pierre's wife Marcia.

Pierre experienced an annurism in his spine around 2003 causing complete paralysis from his chest to his toes. Prior to that having happened he interpreted the D-11,D-14 (140) and D-18 plans for Monsieur Pouliquen of Beaune.

Pierre and I went to see Monsieur Pouliquen in 1994 to see his Operation. We stayed with his mother in Paris, a few blocks from the Arc de Triomphe. We went to the "Musee de L'Air" in Paris and saw the original D-9, the one Pierre flew. Anyway, in 2008, I told my friend I would finish one so he could see it fly before he "Went West", therefore I am the manufacturer !

Pierre did "Go West" before he could see it fly.

It has a 1600 cc VW built by Great Plains. Pierre bought a Renault carb. which seems to run good but ... like the original, this one has no brakes. However, I did have a friend weld me up a tailwheel (4") - (10.16 cm) with a friction brake that will hold the craft with the engine at idle and up to about 1200 RPM. It didn't maneuver very well with the original tail skid!

We were flying beautifully, S & L about 65 knots ...no trim tabs ...but unfortunately, the engine quit as we were climbing from about 2000' going for 3500' right after I applied full throttle. To this day I suspect carb ice! Haven't flown it since. I am making lots of little mods and correcting fuel tank leaks and flying the Skylane, Centurion and my C 150 C